Healthy Lifestyle and Good Health

Health is an integrated state of emotional, physical and social well being where illness and infirmity are either absent or managed very well. People have been aware that they are ill, but they do not feel confident to disclose this because they are afraid of the social reaction. When you are ill, it is very difficult to perform at work, interact socially with friends, or get motivated to improve your health.


A happy and healthy life is the first step to good health. We have to take care of our body, mind and spirit as these three aspects are related to each other. We have to balance our body by practicing exercises, eating healthy foods, sleeping well and rest. We have to treat our mind by learning new things and improving our knowledge and skills.

Health is very essential for living a good and productive life. In today’s world, many people have to be active to keep up with the pace. Many children have to walk, run, play, and fight to survive. We have to take care of our body so that it can work effectively to help us lead a normal life. We have to know the importance of health and how it affects our emotions, social, emotional, physical and mental health.

Many doctors would recommend us to go for regular health checkups. When we visit a doctor, we get physical examination as well as some tests to determine if there is any serious illness that requires medication. After the test, the doctor would give us instructions and recommend medicines to help us recover from illness. Going for regular checkups would help us to keep a good body condition and immunity. We also avoid possible health problems like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and so on.

There are many healthy and easy ways to maintain good health. For instance, you can learn some simple exercises to keep a healthy and fit life. If you are active, you can prevent getting diseases and also improve your overall health. You can do a lot of things to stay healthy and fit such as exercising, eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and so on.

It is important to take care of yourself. If you want to lead a good and healthy life, you have to start early with your lifestyle and habits. You can easily make a change in your life and you will feel good about it. You can even look forward to having a long, healthy, and happy life.