Must President Trump pardon himself as well as the family of his? Glenn Beck says yes

Stories say that President Donald Trump might pardon himself as well as the family of his in case Joe Biden takes the presidency. On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck as well as producer Stu Burguiere mentioned if that use of the president’s power to grant pardons is constitutional, of course, if so, could it be the proper action to take.
“I’m hundred % for it. I believe what is going on with the family of his is despicable,” Glenn stated.


Glenn proceeded to argue that preemptive pardons for President Trump’s allies, home life, as well as himself, may cut off of what could be a never-ending cycle of “political revenge,” before it actually gets going.

“You do not want this to begin, as consequently it does not end. It never ends,” Glenn said of individuals who’d look for retribution against political rivals. “And they are performing it to send out a clear message,..’ You will often play by the rules of ours,.. or maybe we are going to destroy you.’ This’s the toughest possible information to send.”