Davido Fault Fans for Sour Relationship with Wizkid, Says They Don’t Have Problems, Talks on Tour Possibilities .

– Leading Nigerian music star, Davido, lately touched on a number of issues on the Ionwannatalk Podcast – The singer spoke about his rapport with Wizkid and how fans used the squabble they caused for their own entertainment – The DMW boss also preached against the use of substance after recognising that it was a prevalent issue that needed to be discussed. 

Watch Davido talk about his bad relationship with Wizkid as well as substance use from the 50-57 minute mark below:

Nigerian famous superstar, David Adeleka aka ”Davido”, is known for a number of things aside from being a musician. Countless times, he had discussed on social channels for the love he exhibits his crew, his generosity and most prominent of all, his rapport with another top famous singer, Wizkid. While talking recently on the Ionwannatalk podcast, the 28-year-old singer opened up about a number of controversies including Wizkid. According to Davido, if he and Wizkid were to sit down and discuss their issues, it would be discovered that they did not have more than two or three disputes with each other. 

The Risky crooner also recognised that fans played a big role in their alleged squabble and that they were using their lives for their own entertainment. Davido disclosed further by saying that the squabble was now no longer about the artistes but the fans, seeing as they formed their own different factions. Also during the interview, Davido was asked to share his thoughts on if a song of him and Wizkid will be a big hit. The singer said that he and Wizkid used to be good friends and it was surprising that they had never done a song together in 10 years. He associated that to them not being in the same place psychologically. 

According to Davido, there are some people who feel his issues with Wizkid made them bigger while others feel gettingtogether will make them bigger. The Risky crooner also spoke on the roles crew members play in fuelling beef between artistes. According to him, an artiste could have been upset at one point and said a lot of things about another artiste. He however added that he was not the kind of man who was scared to tell his crew members that he doesn’t feel the same way anymore after picking up squabble with someone. According to him, crew members could want to push an artiste to take drastic steps but he tells his own boys that the consequences will bear his name and not theirs. Davido then touched on the high rate of substance use in the country and advised people to desist from it. 

According to him, it was better if they took their alcohol or weed at most but not graduate to other heavier substances. The singer said he felt people used substances to avoid their problems but he is the kind of man to face his squarely.

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