I disagree with my father Chief Pete Edochie view- Yul Edochie.

– Old-timer actor, Pete Edochie, recently made headlines after he shared his interesting take on marriages and how it can last.


– According Pete Edochie to him, a wife’s car should be registered in her husband’s name to strengthen the union – His son, Yul Edochie, has now reacted to his perspectives and differed with them – According to him, if he buys his daughter a car as a wedding gift, he would register it in whatever name she pleases.

Popular Nollywood star, Yul Edochie, has definitely countered to his father’s interesting takes on marriage and how it can last. Just recently, his dad Pete Edochie the Veteran made the news after he spoke in a series of videos on marriages during his own time and how unions can be encouraged to last these days. 

The older Edochie had said that if a man wished to gift his female offspring a car for her marriage, then the car should be registered in her husband’s name so that the matrimony will last. In reaction to the viral and much debated video, Yul differed with his father’s view. According to him, if he wanted to buy a car for his daughter as a marriage gift, then he would give it to her to register in whatever named she preferred. He added that if she wanted him to register it in her name, then he would do just that.

In his words: 

“For me, if I buy a car for my daughter @danielleyuledochie as a wedding gift, I’ll give it to her to register in whatever name she likes. “If she asks me to do the registration for her then I’ll register it in HER name.” 

Yul also agreed that his father’s time was very different from how things are now and that he is also designated to his own point of view

Interesting. In other related news, Rihuum.com published that on-air-personality, N6, knocked those who were interviewing Pete Edochie on ‘modern-day sensitivities’. The OAP scaled in on the social media buzz circling Pete Edochie’s new interview in which he advised women on how to handle their cheating husbands. Tracking the online outrage that trailed the video, N6 in a series of Instagram stories, demolished journalists interviewing the Nollywood veteran on things of the modern-day world. 

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