India Police Arrest Nigerian man For Duping Trader Of Over N11 Million.

The claimant received sample material following which he placed a bigger order and transferred Rs 22.67 lakh in three independent installments to Archana Enterprises.


The cybercrime unit of Vadodara police on Wednesday, apprehended a 31-year-old Nigerian, Elvis Owie, for duping a merchant of Rs 22.67 lakh (N11 million).The accused, Owie was nabbed from Mumbai after the cops tracked him down through the bank account number.

The police said he posed as a merchant and duped one Mayank Shah by promising to deliver chemicals to him. According to cybercrime agents, Shah, a trader, had obtained an email on December 11, 2020, wherein the sender wrote that he wanted to buy a chemical for cancer and neurological treatment from India.

The next day, Shah again got an email requesting him to get a quote from Archana Enterprises and send it to the buyer. Shah sent a quote following which he got an email from Tikomed AB Company to place an order for the chemical. Shah then transferred Rs 89,000 to Archana Enterprises bank account for getting a sample of the chemical. 

The claimant got sample material following which he placed a bigger order and transferred Rs 22.67 lakh in three independent instalments to Archana Enterprises. Shah got 10 litres of chemicals but expressed doubts over its authenticity before the police. 

After the WhatsApp number on which Shah was in touch with the accused was blocked and he also didn’t get any feedback on the email ID, Shah contacted the cops. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Jaydeepsinh Jadeja said, “We tracked the accused based on bank account number and other specialized sources. We are interrogating the accused and trying to determine if there are any other individuals involved in the racket.”Investigating officials said Owie may have been involved in similar cases in the past.“Many of them now operate individually from different cities,” Jadeja added. 

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