Security for NYSC Election Volunteers is Guaranteed by INEC

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Mr. Yakubu assured the NYSC members that the comfort, safety, and security of the members was a top concern for INEC.

Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have been guaranteed of their safety during the 2023 general election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
When NYSC Director General Brigadier General Yusha’u Ahmed paid a courtesy call to INEC Chairman Professor Mahmood Yakubu’s office on Thursday in Abuja, Yakubu made the following remarks.
Mr. Yakubu said that the convenience, safety, and security of the NYSC members were very important to INEC.

He said that INEC and NYSC have worked together over the years to make the corps members’ time spent on election responsibilities more pleasant.

According to Mr. Yakubu, the commission has been coordinating with law enforcement to keep the corps members safe throughout the polls.

He guaranteed that no members of the NYSC would be left behind in polling units after the election, saying that INEC was in touch with the transport union to make sure that all corps members were returned to their base securely.

Mr. Yakubu further said that INEC has coordinated training for NYSC members at various NYSC camps.

He assured them that the corps members in Enugu and Kano would be taught before they left their camps, and that the INEC was already working on its timetable with NYSC for the training of the corps members throughout the nation.

He promised that the conditions of the MOU inked with the NYSC will be carried out.

Mr Yakubu went on to say that INEC and NYSC will continue to collaborate closely throughout election administration.

None of the electoral administration bodies in the world can rely on their own employees to carry out elections. In order to conduct elections, all electoral commissions must rely on part-time or temporary workers.

“But we are really blessed in Nigeria to have this big pool of young, informed, and patriotic Nigerians in all areas of the country, engaged in critical national assignment that when election comes they assist in the conduct of the elections in the country.

No way the commission can hold elections without NYSC’s help, in my opinion. To hold elections without the NYSC is inconceivable,” he added.

Mr. Ahmed had previously said that the NYSC will work hard to see that the MoU was followed to the letter.

According to him, the NYSC has already begun educating its corps members on the significance of voting.

To paraphrase, “You know there are a lot of anxieties. We attempt to be as transparent as possible with them about what to expect. They have an obligation and a responsibility to give it their all and shoulder the blame.

He predicted that the people of his nation will one day be “proud” to have played a role in the “evolution and development of democracy in our country.”

Mr. Ahmed applauded the INEC chairman for agreeing to enhance the welfare of the corps members, stating that this would go a long way to inspire them.

According to him, the NYSC members’ sustained trust in voting was due to INEC’s repeated assurances of safety.

We’ll keep assuring them that they’re safe and that we’ll do everything we can to protect them while they’re on the job.

Concerning the ongoing training of corps members in camps, he encouraged INEC to complete any unfinished business in the states of Enugu and Kano.

Yes, INEC has committed to provide training to these corps members during the camp. That action is complete.

However, I believe that training has yet to take place in the states of Kano and Enugu. Perhaps, he said, something might be taken to make it more likely that this would really occur.


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